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English classes for competitive exam English Language for Competitive Exams ABOUT THE COURSE The course aims to help participants develop their English language skills , particularly those planning to appear for competitive exams that test their English language abilities. During a span of 30 hours, students will be exposed to material that facilitates aspects of grammar, writing and vocabulary.
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Language classes for conversation In Nandanvan Teaching conversational skills can be challenging as not only English skills are required. English students who excel in conversation tend to be those with self-motivated, outgoing personalities. However, students who feel they lack this skill are often shy when it comes to conversation. In other words, personality traits that dominate in everyday life tend to appear in the classroom as well. As English teachers, it's our job to help students improve their conversational skills, but often 'teaching' is not really the answer.
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MEMORY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM FOR 6 TO 19 YEAR Personalized Cognitive Brain Development Increment in Academic Increased Interest in Studies Development of Right and Left Brain 100% Practical Incremental 5% to 10% Growth Improve Creativity
TOP ENGLISH SPEAKING CLASSES UK ENGLISH ACADEMY is one of the Best academy in Nagpur. We Provide English Speaking Advance English Public Speaking Voice and Accent British Accent Personality Development Resume Tips Interview Technique Writing skills
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ENGLISH FLUENCY CLASSES NEAR GANESH NAGAR Learn English with a UK returned teacher and classmates with our interactive tasks, improve your fluency, accuracy and confidence in English. JOIN US... grammar and vocabulary business english communication accent training and many more.....